Cash Management

This feature can be a significant advantage for your business, creating savings in two ways. First, you are only charged for bank services you actually use. Second, you can completely offset analysis charges by maintaining a sufficient balance in your checking account.

You receive an earnings credit for your collected balance during the month. This earnings credit is then applied to the fees you accumulated by using bank services. If your earnings credit is greater than the service fees, you pay no service charge for that month.

If your earnings credit is less than the service fees, the difference between the total cost and the earnings credit is automatically charged to your account as that month’s service fee. So even in that situation, you receive credit for the money you had on deposit during that month.

Zero Balance Accounts - This allows you to maintain subsidiary checking accounts for payroll, petty cash, etc., while centralizing your funds into a main operating account.

Sweep Accounts - Put your money to work by automatically transferring excess funds into an overnight investment or draw/pay down your business line of credit, all according to your daily funding needs.

Remote Deposit Capture - This feature allows you to deposit checks anytime from the convenience of your business location.  Hardware required.

Automated Clearing House (ACH) Services - FCB can serve as your gateway processor to any bank that is part of the Federal Reserve System.  Using your NACHA formatted files, funds are transferred quickly and accurately per your instructions.  Make direct deposit of payroll to your employees’ checking accounts, collect customer receivables via pre-authorized debits, move bank balances from outside depository accounts electronically using cash consolidation, or make state and federal tax payments electronically.

Wire Transfers through Internet Banking - Enjoy same day transfer of funds by utilizing wire transfers through internet banking.  Wire transfer is fast, safe, and secure.

Access Controls - The owner of the account can establish job-related access to online account services.

**Approval required. Certain restrictions apply.

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