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smsGuardian® is an anti-fraud text alert notification service that sends ATM or Visa® debit card transaction alerts directly to your mobile phone or other SMS*-enabled device. If you reject the unauthorized activity, the information is immediately routed to a fraud analyst who blocks the card and follows up with you by phone.


Features and Benefits 
For the Cardholder

  • Two-way text communication
  • Can enroll up to ten devices per web account
  • Do-Not-Disturb window capability
  • One year enrollment period
  • All major phone carriers supported

smsGuardian™ will send a text to you when one of the following situations occur:

  • International transaction
  • Authorizations greater than $300
  • Eight or more transactions in 24 hours 
  • Card not present
  • Fuel Transactions
  • Out of state transactions
  • Declined authorization 

Information included in the alerts to the right:

  • CARD 1234 identifies the last 4-digits of the cardholder's card number.
  • RadioHut identifies the location of the transaction.
  • REPLY JJ1234NO is the reply being requested if the transaction is fraudulent. Sending the code back lets the system know that this is a fraudulent transaction. It is important to remember that if you send anything other than what is requested in the test message will be ignored.
  • REPLY STOP to cancel alerts.

Other Information:

  • Your carrier’s standard messaging rates apply to each alert or confirmation. First Community Bank does not charge for this service.
  • Click here for the Terms and Conditions for this service.
  • You may discontinue the receipt of alerts immediately by texting the work STOP in reply to a Guardian Alert.
  • You may unsubscribe from this service entirely on the smsGuardian® website.
  • You may discontinue alerts by texting the word STOP to 27576.
  • You may enroll ATM cards and/or Visa® debit cards issued by First Community Bank of E TN.
  • If you mobile service provider is Sprint, Nextel, Boost, or Virgin then you may receive an alert message every 30 days from your provider reminding you of the subscription.
  • If you need help regarding the use of this service, you may reply HELP to any alert or call (888) 868-8611.

*What is SMS? 
(SMS) Short Message Service is a text messaging service component of phone, web, or mobile communication systems, using standardized communication protocol that allow the exchange of short text messages between fixed line or mobile phone devices.